Nails of the Day: OMG & Sassy

I seldom have long nails because I have brittle ones. They chip easily and... I bite my nails whenever I'm nervous or having anxiety attacks. Guilty as charged. Haha! :) What I do to keep my it off my biting sessions, I paint my nails. I'm not good at it but I don't want to spend my money in having someone do my manicures.

 Here's how it looks. Sorry for the bad lighting.
 What I used as a base: OMG Nail Colors in Atlantis.
I got this from Watson's. 10ml of nail lacquer for P18.
 The top coat.
 Sassy Colors in Clear with glitters
I also bought this from Watson's, I forgot the price though, but it's less than P20.
OMG nail colors and Sassy colors -- a great duo for me.

I was first afraid of using this kind of blue because my hands might appear darker but fortunately, it looks good in my hands. Reminds me of the NIPS chocolate. :) You can use OMG nail colors in Atlantis as a base and just top it with the ordinary clear nail polish, it looks fine as well.


  1. Cute! and cheap but I love it.. I want to buy that color and pink.. :p

  2. I think pink would be a great color as well! Very cotton candy! ❤




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