Schützen Limited Edition Notebooks

Most girls, if not all, have a notepad or something similar plus a pen inside their bags. I personally keep one with me every time I leave the house (as to some girls can’t leave without bringing their kikay kits). In the said notebook, I jot down the important things to remember, ideas of what I should blog next, expenses, etc. It’s also where I list the stuff I’m going to buy for myself and even presents for my friends and relatives. I put this near my bed for the spur-of-the-moment thoughts because I don’t want to end up forgetting them the next day since most of my sensible ideas come at the indecent hours of the night. I do this to keep track of everything.

And because I’m lucky and blessed so much, I got this Schützen limited edition notebook from four bloggers namely, Genzel, Ana, Eyah and Sam. (Thank you very much!) This is really perfect for the new year!

(Image source: Schützen's Facebook
I instantly fell in love with the vibrant, happy colors 

What I love about this: it has pockets inside where you can slip your receipts and personal notes. It even has a space where you can put a picture or whatever to make it more personalized. Note: for the following set of images, the first photos were taken @ Schützen's Facebook page followed by the ones that I took personally. I did that for comparison purposes.

I got the red one. :) 
 You can put your writing essentials inside. =)))

The aqua blue canvass jacket comes with a fuschia pink contrasting trim.

My red one has an orange contrasting trim.

You might have noticed how it comes with a striped canvass lining and the other has a floral pattern. (Go for whatever suits your taste!)

It has an enough number of pages to keep you going.

It's lined with double loop wires.

Unlike other ordinary notebooks, this comes with a slot / space (I don’t know how to call it) on the side so you can put / slip your pen there. You won’t be putting it elsewhere!

The size is just right, it will come handy and wont be taking too much space inside your bag.

One happy girl right here!

Schützen Limited Edition Patent Collection notebooks, I learned, as I've Google-d it are now available at all Full Booked and National Bookstore outlets for P795.

Again, thank you to the four bloggers and to Schützen, of course! :)


  1. such cute notebooks! i love using cute notebooks, they make writing less boring =D

    thanks alot for visiting and following my blog!
    i'm now following you too <3

    1. Agree! I sometimes refuse to write on them because they're too cute! Thank you! :)

  2. Congratulations:) Good thing you like it.Till next time :)

    <a href='>Eyah</a>

  3. Congratulations:) Good thing you like it.Till next time :)


    1. I like it very much! Thanks again! :)

  4. Nice! Glad you liked it! ^_^ Enjoy your notebook :)

    Genzel Kisses

  5. Congrats on winning this beautiful notebook Isabel!! ♥ Parang it's so YOU!! ♥

    The Misty Mom

    1. *kilig* sa comment mo, Ate Shari!♥ Thank you! :)




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