Unboxing: December 2014 BDJ Box

Hi, guys! After a very long rest, I am finally back! I was thinking of doing this on January (you know, new year, a great way to get back on track), but I promised myself not to procrastinate again (and again) so here I am!

Enough with my being MIA, let’s start off with unboxing my December BDJ box.

I started subscribing to BDJ last July. I was on a monthly subscription back then just to test the waters. However, upon seeing that it is really worth the hype, I’m now on a three month subscription. (Yes, that’s how its worth it!)

"BDJ BOX was created to help every Filipina who is experiencing a hard time choosing which products best fit them. With the help of our beauty and fashion experts, we’ll try our best to customize a beauty box for each subscriber.

The goal of BDJ Box is to help them discover, get, and experience the best things about beauty, fashion, events, and etc. BDJ Box is here to help you have confidence in beauty products that are perfect for you. We hope to partner with every woman’s journey to satisfying beauty in living their lives to the fullest."
*taken from their website*

This month is an exclusive box from CoverGirl. I was all giddy when I saw their post on Instagram. Who doesn't love CoverGirl anyway?

It is a regular-sized box with the CoverGirl sleeve.

I love how they're individually bubble wrapped (at least for the ones which can crack or break). It ensures that all the products will be received by the Bellas in its best condition.

Below are the products inside.

1. TruBlend Liquid Makeup - 645, 30 ml
2. TruBlend Pressed Powder -  ₱425, 11 ml
3. Cheekers Blush - ₱395, 3g
4. Liquiline Blast Eye Pencil - ₱450, 9.5g
5. LashBlast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara - ₱595, 12g

All the products are roughly at ₱2500 if you're going to purchase at the malls. I got four times the value of what I have actually paid for. Of course, I am happy with all the contents especially the foundation and mascara. I can definitely pull out a simple look using these.

Please let me know if you would like me to review any of this and I'll get on right to it.

BDJ Box is available at Php 580 / box. You may subscribe at BDJBox.com;
like them on Facebook at BDJ Box
follow them on Twitter, @BDJBox; and
Instagram, @BDJBox

Be easy, breezy beautiful!

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