BDJ December Box 7-day Challenge: CoverGirl

I received my BDJ Box I think at the second week of December. I instantly fell inlove with it and I have been using it eversince. For this 7-day challenge, I have put the Trublend foundation and pressed powder to test. Honestly, I don’t have any CoverGirl products then so can you imagine how giddy I was upon receiving the December box?

Product information: TruBlend Liquid Makeup - A liquid foundation that provides smooth full coverage for a flawless natural-look. You won't even know where your makeup ends and where you skin begins. Available in 21 shades to perfectly match 99 percent of all skin tones. 


Seeing the product itself from the bottle, I was hesitant that it would match my skin tone, but I still gave this a go and it was indeed too light for me.

It's obviously lighter than my shade, although testing the product on this area of my hand is not advisable.

When blended out.

Factors to consider:
  • It's December when I tried this so it's quite cold.
  • I work in an air conditioned area.
  • My skin is very oily. After washing, my oiliness starts to appear after 2-3 hours. 

First day

I used this alone (without any primer) and dusted it with a finishing powder from Nichido to see how it works on its own. My shift is 5 PM-1 AM. I commuted upon going to work so it was a great time to road test this.  I applied my foundation at roughly about 2:30 PM and arrived at work at 4:30 PM. After two hours, as expected, I can spot oiliness on my t-zone.

Product information: TruBlend Pressed Powder - Has silky-smooth formula that adapts perfectly to your skin tone. A perfect coverage to achieve a fresh, no make-up look. Especially designed to match with the TruBlend Liquid Makeup. A lightweight formula that controls shine and doesn't clog pores.

Second day

I got shade number two for the pressed powder and it's also lighter than my skin tone. I used this together with the liquid foundation. Considering my commuting time, I didn't get too oily after two hours and lasted that way until the 3rd hour. This quite helped in controlling the oiliness on my face.

Third day
I used Quick FX no shine mattifier before applying the liquid foundation and waited for about three minutes to set and finished with the pressed powder. I can say that the primer really helped as after 4 hours, only a little shine peeks through my t-zone. I just patted my face with an oil blotting paper and it's as good as the first application. 

Fourth to Seventh day
Even after I blended the foundation on my neck, it still appears darker than my face so I tried to use a darker shade of powder to set (see below photo). I can say that this has been the solution to the not-my-shade dilemma. 


I only use both products at the same time when I need to attend an important event and I have less time to retouch. I can say that it looks great on pictures (and flash photos too). With the right shade, this might be my go-to products.

  • Coverage

- Foundation - didn't conceal the redness around the nose and some of my blemishes ; light to medium coverage.
- Pressed powder - mattifies the skin instantly; light to medium coverage.
  • Easy to apply and blend ; lightweight.
  • Buildable (although it can sit on the pores visibly).
  • Staying power – (pressed powder) have to retouch after 2 hours.
  • Controls oil.
  • It transfers and doesn't stay on.
Overall, I still like them since they're better than my usual BB cream and powder and this combo reduced the number of touch ups I need to do throughout the day.

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