Review: Revlon Brow Fantasy

For days where I just have to go out for a small errand, I usually opt for a no make-up make-up look. You know us most girls, we try to look presentable even if it means just a quick 5-minute thin layer of BB cream, a swipe of a mascara, a pop of blush and lip color of our favorite lip and cheek tint. And oh, gotta fill in those brows! :-)

Today, I'm going to review the Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel in dark brown. I got this from my BDJ Box and it costs P575. Honestly, I wasn't aware that Revlon has this product and I sure love they do because multitasking products are a plus for me.

The first end comes in a hard-pencil formula that makes defining and filling the brows easier, and will stay longer for those with oily skin like me. The shade I got compliments the color of my brows without a reddish undertone. I like its matte finish and the coverage which is medium to full. I use it with light feathery strokes to make my brows look more natural and not too 'drawn'.

Meanwhile, the other side is a tinted slightly creamy gel with a light coverage that softly sets all your hard work in place. I tried using it alone but I find it too sheer on me because I have sparse eyebrows.

 Swatches: L - brow fantasy gel; R - brow fantasy pencil

Filled in brows using the Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil

With one thin layer of the Revlon Brow Fantasy Gel

I love how it fits in my kit, but wishes the pencil is longer. Ha! :-D Overall, this product works well on me, it gives that neat and natural looking brows which stays until the end of the day. This is available in all leading department stores and Watsons nationwide. Go ahead and get yours, it is worth the try! :)

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