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Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Still, My Heart

It was never easy, in my opinion, to move forward from a past relationship. Falling in love again, either, is such a struggle (for me anyway).

How many times have I tried,
To keep my heart out of sight?
I've built a wall to guard me up,
But you were so close I had to give up.

Your eyes, I can't quite resist,
Windows to your beautiful soul, yes, it exists.
One more look and my feelings, you will surely capture,
Oh, how pity, a sweet torture I have to endure.

You're always calm, never tense,
Sounds like a true man, never dense.
Always gentle, always kind,
To the negativities, forever blind.

Your captivating smile,
Made me lose myself for a while.
You kept me disarmed,
You have got me with that charm.

Your scent, they've been keeping me,
Far from reality so I count to three.
Then look at you and pretend to be,
The normal girl I used to be.

Be still my heart,
Don't rush, please hush.
He might hear you thump out loud,
I laid my cards on the table to be found.

I keep all my worries at bay,
And to the Lord I utmostly pray,
"Please leave his heart out for me,
For I will surely take care of thee."

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ATC Date with My Loves

Warning: This is a picture-heavy post.

It has been known to you (or maybe I should remind you through this post) that my friends are my second family. Years or friendship built and tested through thick or thin and petty misunderstandings in between, we managed to jump past off the downbeats. So enough of the drama! Me and my girls – Kim, Krizh, Leslie and Amity went to Alabang Town Center for our much anticipated bonding!

A little vanity won't make any harm. :)

We agreed to meet there at two pm but we arrived a LITTLE late than usual which was past three. Define Filipino time. So anyway, we headed straight to California Pizza Kitchen. Just guess how hungry we were.

A preview of how madaldal (talkative) I am.

Kim and Leslie

There were no decent pictures of our food since we’re dead tired and famished by the time our orders came in. But there were lots of photos of us. Can I just make an excuse that we just made an effort to stretch the time we had while waiting for the food?

Sadly, Mitch wasn’t around because she was busy with her family since we did this on a Saturday.

No date is complete without a dose of coffee especially with girls who love caffeine, right? More girl talk and laughs at Starbucks. The conversations we had were more mature now. Does that mean that we're grown ups already?

And with the ever huge Christmas tree to end the night!

I think what matters most in a relationship, whether boyfriend-girlfriend, with your friends or even with your family is that you find time to spend and bond with them. If you’re too busy with work or school, just keep the communication lines open. These people are where your heart is, to begin with.

Anyway, you might want to try your luck in my WELCOME 2013 GIVEAWAY with Lhyzie here!
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Model for a Day!

I've been AWOL for a couple of days and I admit that I have a line-up of entries to post, but I was too lazy to do that. Should I blame the holiday season and the Christmas weight I gained? ;) Which brings me to my lack of existence that I haven't greeted you. Boo!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!
Photo from: fanpop.com

Now back to regular programming. This is a post long overdue. Anyway, Every girl dreams of being a model. I, for once, wanted to be a runway model. Yes, runway model because aside from the fact that I am not photogenic, I am naturally maarte maglakad. That's why I claim that I can't be an ad / fashion model.

Thanks to my girl bestfriends, I was tagged along to try it! We all came from the south, Cavite to be exact, and we did our shoot in La Mesa EcoPark in Quezon City. Commuting was part of the fun. We were all loud and noisy on our way there. Sorry, other MRT passengers! We just enjoyed being together again! Enough with the nitty gritty blabber. Here are some of our photos.

We arrived at roughly two or three in the afternoon and she moves veeeeryy slow to the point that her pictures were taken at sundown.

This girl looks beautiful at any angle, believe me.

The most classy of us all, I think. She did her make-up and mine.
Ohh, that's me. LOL. It was kind of awkward to do poses since it was my first time to do a shoot.

Leslie, Kimberly & Me
Krizh wasn't here because at the rate things went, the three of us were done with our second outfit shoots and Krizh wasn't finished prepping up yet. I told you she moves very slow, eh.

The pictures were captured by our friend, MJ. For a beginner, which he claims he is, I can say he's pretty much great! Fact: he looks like Sid Lucero! He accepts commercial, fashion, portrait, cosplay, still life and food photoshoots. You can view his other works HERE.

Well, who doesn't want to be a model, right? With all the glitz, make-up, dressing up and accessories, a kikay girl could definitely not ask for more! :)
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Monday, November 26, 2012


Note: For the times that my emotional weakness was squeezed into the surface, here's the *insert adjective* outcome.

How many days more will my heart be sore?
Because I want to be happy just as before.
I pray for this heart that has been torn apart,
To heal so that from scratch, again I can start.

All details of you, I don't want to remember,
Because week after week, I'm still sober.
Eyes are tired from weeping all night,
The walls of my room, of me they've been at sight.

My pillows wet, there my tears have set
The thing about pain, they are to be felt.
From here I try to stop and walk away,
But memories, they haunt me though I've kept them at bay.

To the Lord, I cry deeply for His rescue,
I took a step forward but still blue.
I swear myself this time this will be the end.

So my strength, all arms, I'll extend.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to Nursing

Hi, again! So I just got back from the hospital. I submitted a letter of intent in the Nursing Service Office. I've worked for five months there and after my contract, I decided to find another job. I was a junior staff nurse and that meant we worked with no compensation. Well not really, because we were paid if we're going to be relievers and free charges when confined or rushed in the emergency room. I shouldn't have mentioned that, should I?

After being admitted last August (some of you already know that), I was hired in Convergys Alabang as a CSA. On my first training day, my allergies decided to hit on me once again so I was not able to attend. By the time my parents and I arrived at the hospital, my periorbital edema's very severe and my allergologist to finish my 7-month treatment. 

I don't know if the turning out of events sides on me, but I'm seeing it as God's way of leading me into the path where I want best. 

I'm saying hi to my nursing career again! :)
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Worry No More

Problems are definitely a part of our lives. We cannot get it out of the equation. It's life constant. Have you heard or met somebody not having one? I doubt. We all have it. Family problems, something related to work, emotional problems, etc. They're too many to enumerate. I've had my fair share of everything too, and it was not easy. It wouldn't be easy.

Sometimes, facing them requires a lot of effort, what more if we try to surpass them, right? So here are some ways that I assume might help, in no particular order. *wink*

1. Acknowledge the situation you're facing.
  •  Whatever you are going through, acknowledge that you are really going through it. It's the first step to acceptance.
2. Take action.
  • Stop sulking in bed. Get your ass working. Nothing's going to happen if you're just going to mourn over the problem.
3. Cry it out.
  • Yes, you may bury yourself in bed and wet your pillows for a couple of days but after that, promise yourself that you are not going to be like this everyday. Again, refer to advice number 2.
4. Smile.
  • Smiling changes everything. Start your day by smiling and tell yourself that everything's going to be fine. Believe me, it works.
5. Pray. A lot.
  • I am the type of person who vents out my problem to God. If there's someone whom I can talk to about anything, I know it's Him. He will give us what's best for us, not what we think is the best for us and He will listen, regardless of who we are or what we have done wrong throughout our lives.
6. Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Optimistic people can bring the bright side out of a negative situation. They can turn the bad upside down. You're just going to be tripping over the same thing if you're with the people who don't see the good in the bad, the bright point in the dark.
7. Walk without looking back so you won't remember why you're running away in the first place.

  • Throwing yourself in that situation just brings all the pain and anxiety back. Just keep on walking. Eyes straight ahead. Focus on the intervention you are making.
8. Divert your attention.
  • It's normal to think about it. Your mind will totally recall all the gory details. But I am telling you, you don't have to entertain the thoughts. Don't run after thoughts because you can get them off your mind. Remember: it is the mind that controls everything. You want something out of your mind, instruct your brain to do so. Again, refer to advice number 2.
9. Make a decision.

  • You should make a decision and stand firmly with it. Nothing can be solved if you won't make up your mind. Make a decision and tell yourself, "No U-turns now."

And when all is said and done, here's what I do in times like this: I read a lot. I installed a lot of e-books in my Ipod touch and I read everytime I start feeling down. You know, just to divert attention. And I pray when it starts to hit me again. God surely does know what we need. He never breaks a promise so I am very certain that this too, shall pass.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hospital Getaway

A quick post: I'm so sorry for my inactivity. I was hospitalized for a few days and I was nearly admitted to the intensive care unit. I will post the whole story when I get well. *wink*

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